Life isn’t always as simple as people

make it out to be.

The world is full of imperfect people falling short of acknowledging their purpose and underestimating the ability to fulfill their greatest desires. Today, instant gratification through social media and other outlets has replaced the innate human need for self- reflection, redirection and simply learning from life’s experiences. I, like many of you, have experienced moments of partying, drinking, moral instability, confusion, and depression- all because I lost sight of what truly matters.

Once I became honest with myself regarding my shortcomings and the intentions needed to overcome them, I began looking at life from a new perspective. Rather than continuing down the all familiar path of negativity and dishonesty, I chose to make a daily decision to live consciously by asking God to direct my steps. I am the perfect imperfection. It is through His grace that I remain ROOTED.

We commonly hear that growth doesn’t happen overnight, and I agree. While continuing to grow personally, spiritually and physically, I have decided to create a platform through blogging, which allows me to share my life and the sentimental moments that ultimately make me who I am. Sharing these aspects and the vision for my life is something that I deeply care about. Breaking through all fear and being completely transparent by revealing my personal experiences and vulnerability to motivate others is my purpose.

Often times fear is referred to as false evidence appearing real, simply meaning that it has no truth. I believe that there are only two predominant emotions: Love/Trust or Fear/Doubt. Though this expressive outlet I am choosing to walk forward in Love and Trust, ultimately surrendering this plan and vision to Gods overall purpose. I strongly believe that in doing so, others will not only be encouraged and motivated to move forward in their everyday lives but more importantly, will find a greater Purpose.

My vision for this platform is simple:




  1. SHARE – a plant-based, fitness, and spiritual lifestyle.
  2. CARE – for people of all demographics.
    1. No one is left behind in my vision.
  3. MOTIVATE – the everyday person who is struggling to stay positive and focused on purpose throughout all the noise of the world.

So, let’s stay rooted and connected to the purpose of being here in this world together.